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Brenda's Story

Brenda was raised in a community near Franklin, Louisiana; a typical small-town setting where people go to school, church and work and everyone knows everyone else.

At the age of eight, her third-grade teacher, who was a locally celebrated music instructor, recognized her gift to play the piano.

Because of her tendency to start and not finish things, her parents were reluctant to invest in this “new folly”; but by the Grace of God they took a leap of faith and bought an old upright piano and Brenda began taking piano lessons.

As the saying goes, ‘the rest is history’.














Brenda Brown is a devout Christian and a lifelong student of the Bible with a firm grasp on its message.

As you listen to this superb artist, you feel the power and authority that her upbringing and background adds to the messages of her songs.  

As she stands completely surrendered in the presence of God, she allows the Holy Spirit to take charge.
















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